(Mn/DOT) Geotechnical Investigation Information Interchange Internet Interface (GI5)


Mn/DOT geotechnical summary information is available in MS Excel format. Logs are available in Adobe PDF file format; log information may also available in the DIGGS XML data exchange format. (For more information, visit www.diggsml.com)

Data Interchange for Geotechnical and GeoEnvironmental Specialists


Users should be aware that many historic records (prior to 1993) are archived in the GIS system with approximated coordinate locations of relatively low precision (+/- 233 ft. X,Y); although the original recorded locations based on roadway stationing, are usually within 1.0 ft accuracy. Care should be taken in using historic data as ground conditions may have been altered by construction activities or by other means after the original site investigation. Please refer to the new user ‘known issues” sheet for further information. Not all boring logs are presently available electronically. For more information, to provide comments, or to report errors or omissions in data please contact the Mn/DOT Foundations Unit at: gi5-database.dot@state.mn.us




Information available in the Mn/DOT electronic geotechnical database is accurate to a level of detail required for transportation projects at the time of the original investigation. This GIS interface and database system is provided as an aid to geotechnical practitioners; it is not intended to replace geotechnical investigations for future projects. Although significant effort has been made to ensure the data included in the geotechnical database is accurate, Mn/DOT does not provide any warranty with regard to the information made available through this application.


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